“Every workplace has that one person who can do it all with humility. Perpetually at-the-ready with either a multi-tool – or delicious, fresh-baked goods – Brandon shows up to the party with a commitment to operational excellence, an appreciation for button-down casual wear, and some of the most reassuring man-hugs around (he asked us to delete that last part). When he’s not here, he’s enjoying long walks (on the beach, or otherwise) with his wife Heather and their dog. And while “Boosh” (the alias bestowed upon him by some of his co-workers) may not be the nickname he deserves, 10/10 co-workers agree that he’s the kind of teammate we need.”

Jason Cook – Director of Creative Media at Wikimotive

“Brandon is a motivated, hard working team member who is quick to learn and refine practices to make himself and the organization more efficient. In the four+ years of working with him, I was able to see his already strong technical acumen expand and evolve, allowing him to handle the ever changing landscape of work we threw at him. He helped to organize a traditionally very challenging set of processes, all along making it seem second nature. He is a fantastic team member and his capability to dive into a problem while being given very little detail and come out the other side with a solution makes him an invaluable asset. In short, do whatever you have to so your team can have a chance to work alongside him.”

Sean Connell – Chief Technology Officer at Verndale

“As a lead QA member in our department, Brandon is amazing at pulling all key information together to ensure that all projects are launched to the highest level of perfection as possible. His friendly and approachable demeanor makes working with him feel refreshing (which is probably not easy when you’re letting people know what is lacking from their project). I admire Brandon’s ability to stay cool and level-headed when under extreme amounts of pressure and given short timelines. Brandon goes above and beyond to make sure that the group’s work is ready to go live for all the world to see and he does so extremely efficiently. I imagine that Brandon will go far as he is truly one of the best.”

Eden Gwyn – Colleague

“Brandon is the keystone to our QA department. He has served as the head of QA on several occasions when his superior was unavailable and has done a phenomenal job of doing so every time. He takes pride in his work and always goes the extra mile to see that a job gets done right.”

Kevin Ennis – Colleague

“When describing Brandon and what he means to the QA team, the most fitting word has to be “backbone”. I don’t know where we would be without his expertise and his exceptional attention to detail. Brandon has his hand in EVERYTHING that we do and to this day, his determination to make sure every single project launches perfectly is absolutely untouchable. The fact that he is one of three on a QA team whose workload contains projects from all over the world is a true testament to not only his work ethic but also his ability to come through in the most pressure-packed situations. It has been an honor and a pleasure to ensure quality with him.”

Daniel Lobacz – Colleague

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